[Lagos, Nigeria]

Emeka Ogboh

Danfo Radio

A radio station by Emeka Ogboh capturing the vibrant essence of Lagos, a bustling megacity pulsating with life, energy, and an indomitable spirit. The iconic Danfo bus, a symbol of Lagos’s tenacity, and its bustling bus stations, serve as a central theme. Danfo Radio stems from Ogboh’s fieldwork in Lagos, where he has recorded a plethora of sounds that characterize the city. These recordings range from bus stations in Ojuelegba, Yaba, Obalende, and Oshodi, to the lively atmospheres of markets like Balogun. The station also features soulful rhythms from live music performances at Bogobiri Hotel, hosted by Duro Ikujenyo. Additionally, tracks from Ogboh's album, Beyond the Yellow Haze, which combines electronic beats with Lagos field recordings, are included.