Lab’Bel presents Five Radio Stations, a group show comprising five artworks that are also radio stations. Listen to them via this website by clicking ‘play’ on any of the five station pages, or seek out a dedicated listening location. The works can be enjoyed like any radio station, as a focus or in the background, and for a shorter or longer duration of time. Although they are automated, the stations are not on-demand but streamed as live, meaning each listener hears the same thing at the same time as an invisible community of other people.

Five Radio Stations was launched on 21 October 2023.

Commissioned artists for the project are as follows: Keren Cytter, Benedikt H. Hermannsson, Hylozoic/Desires, Daniel John Jones and Seb Emina, and Emeka Ogboh.

Five Radio Stations is curated by Seb Emina and Silvia Guerra.